Hot Biotech Jobs and How to Get Hired in 2023 

Discover the hottest biotech jobs in 2023. Learn key responsibilities, required skills, salary ranges, top employers, and expert tips for resume, LinkedIn, networking, interview prep, and more to gain an edge in the biotech job market.

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In-Demand Biotech Roles Right Now 

The biotechnology industry is undergoing rapid growth and innovation and change, offering new career opportunities for qualified candidates. As a leading platform dedicated to empowering the biotech community, aims to provide the latest insights and resources to help job seekers launch and advance their careers in this dynamic field.

This guide explores some of the most in-demand biotech roles right now and expert tips to help you gain an edge in the hiring process. With strategic preparation, persistence, and access to the right opportunities, you can thrive in the biotech job market. 

 Bioinformatics Scientist 

  • Responsibilities: Processing genomic data, developing algorithms, creating data visualizations. 
  • Required: Master’s or PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology. Skills in programming,Linux, AI. 
  • Salary: $100,000-$200,000 average
  • Employers: Leica Microsystems, Cepheid, Genentech, Tempus, Mission Bio. 


Clinical Research Associate 

  • Responsibilities: Coordinating and monitoring clinical trials, ensuring adherence to protocols. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s in science, 1-2 years clinical research experience. 
  • Salary: $77,402-$150,000 average  
  • Employers: BeiGene, ICON, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Novo Nordisk US. 


Gene Editing Specialist

  • Responsibilities: Designing/executing gene editing experiments, analyzing results. 
  • Required: PhD in molecular biology, genetics or biochemistry. Lab experience with gene editing. 
  • Salary: $82,000 – $150,000  
  • Employers: Centre for Genomic Regulation, Editas Medicine, Novo Nordisk US, ElevateBio.


Manufacturing Engineer

  • Responsibilities: Optimizing manufacturing processes, troubleshooting production issues. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s in chemical engineering or biotech, 3-5 years biopharm experience. 
  • Salary: $83,000-$100,000 average
  • Employers: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Cepheid, Beckman Coulter, bioMerieux, Hamilton. 


Regulatory Affairs Specialist

  • Responsibilities: Preparing regulatory submissions, maintaining compliance. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s in science/engineering, Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC).
  • Salary: $100,000-$$120,000 average
  • Employers: ICON, Novo Nordisk US, NanoString Technologies, Novartis, bioMerieux, Bio-Techne. 


Medical Science Liaison 

  • Responsibilities: Communicating clinical data, providing expertise to partners. 
  • Required: PhD in life sciences, 3+ years relevant experience. Excellent communication skills. 
  • Salary: $120,000-$148,000 average
  • Employers: Azur Pharma, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Incyte, Guardant Health, Veracyte.


Quality Control Scientist

  • Responsibilities: Developing/validating analytical testing methods. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s in science. Analytical testing and instrumentation experience. 
  • Salary: $66,000-$80,000 average
  • Employers: Novo Nordisk US, Azur Pharma, Eurofins Scientific, Fate Therapeutics, AGC Biologics, Rocket Pharmaceuticals, Just – Evotec Biologics.


Research Associate/Assistant 

  • Responsibilities: Designing, planning, conducting lab experiments. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s/Master’s in biological sciences, 2+ years academic/industry lab research experience. 
  • Salary: $51,000 -$75,000 average 
  • Employers: Novo Nordisk US, Just – Evotec Biologics, Deming Center Venture Fund, Inari, and BioNTech.


Process Development Scientist 

  • Responsibilities: Scaling-up and optimizing manufacturing processes. 
  • Required: Bachelor’s/Master’s in chemical engineering or biotech. Bioprocess experience. 
  • Salary: $84,000-$100,000 average
  • Employers: Eurofins Scientific, Merck, New England Biolabs, GlaxoSmithKline, Imago BioSciences, and Corteva Agriscience


Tips for Getting Hired for Hot Biotech Jobs 

Getting hired for the hottest biotech jobs takes specific preparation and strategic moves. 

  • Tailor your resume by reviewing job descriptions, highlighting relevant skills and expertise, and including a technical skills section. Obtain targeted certifications to enhance your credentials. 
  • Gain hands-on experience through co-ops, internships, undergraduate research, and job shadowing. Attend campus job fairs and biotech networking events to connect with employers. 
  • Optimize your LinkedIn presence by connecting with biotech professionals, following companies, and joining industry groups. Set up job alerts on niche biotech job boards. 
  • Prepare for interviews by researching common questions and practicing responses that highlight your capabilities with real examples. 
  • Expand your network by connecting with biotech alumni in your area and seeking informational interviews. 
  • Review biotech resume examples and have specialists critique your resume and application materials. 

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The key is understanding employer priorities and showcasing your skills. With strategic preparation and persistence, you can land one of these exciting biotech jobs.


The biotech field offers incredible chances to work at the cutting edge of science and technology. With in-demand skills and the right preparation, you can access amazing career potential in this industry.

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