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From Marine Biology to Digital Marketing: Josh’s Winding Path to Biotech

Josh Anderson's journey from marine biology to digital marketing at Samba Scientific showcases how scientists can leverage transferable skills for business impact.

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From Marine Biology to Digital Marketing: Josh's Winding Path to Biotech

Embracing Versatility: How Scientists Can Pivot to Business Roles

Josh Anderson’s journey demonstrates how scientists can take an entrepreneurial approach to transfer their skills into business roles. Though he started off studying marine biology and doing field research, Josh quickly realized the limitations of compensation and opportunities on that path. He took a chance on building fitness websites, allowing him to amass digital marketing skills and later help grow Samba Scientific’s marketing capabilities. Josh’s story illustrates the importance of curiosity, adaptability, and not pigeonholing yourself or your educational background. 

Fostering A Heart for Conservation 

Josh developed a passion for the natural world and conservation from an early age. He pursued a conservation degrees to turn this interest into positive change: 

“I thought I could do that through these degrees, and I think some of the things that I’ve done like working on endangered species, things like that, have actually provided benefits for those organisms.” 

Though he loved research, Josh remained open-minded about transferring his skills to new areas: 

“I never was really thinking this is going to be the end of it [final career]…I could be able to take what I learned and the skills that I learned and make that into something different.” 

An Entrepreneurial Pivot Out of The Lab 

After finishing his master’s, Josh started PCR diagnostic work but quickly found it unfulfilling. He became an entrepreneur, building fitness websites through scrappy digital marketing techniques. Reflecting on this pivot, Josh explains: 

“I’ve always been one to trust my intuition. I knew it was worth starting a new venture and figuring it out on my own.” 

After honing his digital marketing chops, Josh eventually brought this knowledge to Samba Scientific after a few stops, helping expand their marketing capabilities to better serve biotech clients. 

Marketing Science: Optimizing Outcomes Through Testing 

When asked why scientists excel in digital marketing, Josh emphasizes the parallels with experimentation: 

“You’re constantly testing things…So I think that’s why scientists make such great digital marketers because they know numbers, and they’re used to testing things.” 

From Marine Biology to Digital Marketing: Josh's Winding Path to BiotechHe explains how scientists’ attention to detail, communication skills, and work ethic also translate well. Rather than stay boxed into one career path, Josh suggests: 

“…don’t pigeonhole yourself whenever you’re looking for other opportunities as well. It might not fit 100% with your background, but you can take some of your background and education and apply it to that new opportunity.” 

Transferable Traits Beyond The Bench 

For those considering leaving research, Josh recommends focusing less on domain knowledge and more on mindsets and capabilities: 

“Having a positive “can do attitude and a proactive mindset to figure things out which most scientists naturally have are highly valued by companies.” 

He advises scientists to recognize the broad applicability of their skill sets, from data analysis to project management, when exploring new career directions. 

Turn Your Science Story Into Business Impact 

If Josh’s multi-faceted path resonates, explore how your scientific talents can empower business innovations through the diverse openings on Greatness.bio’s job board. From research to strategy and beyond, companies seek scientist’s specialized expertise and transferable skills to drive advancements improving health, sustainability and beyond. 

Where will you take your background next?

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