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Land Your Dream Job with AI-Powered Cover Letters: Don't waste time tailoring cover letters. Use free AI assistants like Claude to generate customized, professional cover letters showcasing your qualifications and securing your ideal job.

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Leverage AI to Build the Perfect Cover Letter—For Free

Searching for a new job but dreading tailoring countless cover letters? Don’t waste money on expensive AI tools just yet. With the right prompts and free AI assistants, you can easily generate customized cover letters that showcase your qualifications.

The AI Toolbox

When creating content with artificial intelligence, you have several options:


Try out a few to find the best free AI writing assistant for your needs. All of the above have strong language comprehension and formatting capabilities, and all are free to use.  For the following examples and in the video below we will be using Anthropic Cluade AI to test our prompts.

Gather Your Materials

To craft an effective cover letter, you’ll need:

  • Your updated resume, highlighting relevant experience, skills, and achievements
  • The full job description listing qualifications and duties


Open up two documents containing the above information, ready to copy and paste into the prompt of your choice.

Generate Cover Letter

Copy and paste the prompt you want to use into the Claude AI input box.

Claude 2 Prompt

Copy and paste your resume in between the brackets [ ]

Claude 2 Resume Paste

Copy and paste the open job description in between the brackets [ ]

Claude AI job description

Hit the blue “Run/Generate” button and review your first AI generated draft cover letter.  Adjust the prompt, and tailor the input until you are happy with the results.

Bench Science to Bench Science Prompt

Resume: [Paste full resume text here]

Job Description: [Paste full biotech job description here]

Cover Letter: Write a customized cover letter tailored to this biotechnology job by matching my scientific background, laboratory skills, and research experience from the resume to the qualifications and duties outlined in the biotech job description. Write the cover letter in 3-4 paragraphs briefly summarizing my fit for the role and company. Include relevant accomplishments like publications, patents, or presentations that showcase my abilities in the biotechnology space. Make sure the tone and style fits a professional cover letter in the scientific field. Tailor the cover letter specifically for this biotech position by using appropriate terminology and highlighting relevant work in genetics, cell biology, drug discovery, or other relevant areas.

Scientist to Digital Marketer Prompt

Resume: [Paste resume full of scientific experience]

Job Description: [Paste digital marketing job description]

Cover Letter:
Though my background is in science, I am pivoting my career to digital marketing. Write a cover letter that highlights transferable skills from my scientific experience that apply to this digital marketing role. Focus on analytical abilities, communication skills, and capacity to learn new technologies. Provide examples of when I successfully mastered marketing or business concepts on-the-job or in coursework, even if not a primary function. Demonstrate enthusiasm to apply scientific expertise to creatively promote products and campaigns. Convey that my core competencies in critical thinking and problem-solving will enable me to thrive in the digital marketing field. Match relevant accomplishments and achievements from resume to key qualifications in job description. Keep tone and style professional.

Scientist to Regulatory Researcher Prompt

ai cover letter writer

[Paste resume full of scientific experience]

Job Description: [Paste regulatory research job description]

Cover Letter: Although my background is primarily in science, I have the essential skills to excel in a regulatory research role. Write a cover letter showcasing my scientific expertise and attention to detail as valuable assets for conducting regulatory reviews and analyses. Highlight my experience generating technical reports and documentation as applicable to regulatory submissions and filings. Focus on my ability to interpret complex data, regulations, and guidelines to make sound assessments and recommendations. Provide examples of when I successfully learned new processes, protocols, or software systems to demonstrate capacity to quickly master the nuances of regulatory compliance. Convey enthusiasm to apply scientific knowledge and critical thinking to enable companies to successfully move products through regulatory channels. Match relevant accomplishments from resume to qualifications in job description. Use professional tone and style appropriate for regulatory environment.

Refine Your Results

Once you generate the initial draft, review the cover letter and polish the language and formatting as needed to fit your personal voice. Tweak relevant accomplishments and terminology to be an ideal fit for that particular role and company. 

Leveraging the right AI tools and prompts allows you to create high-quality cover letters tailored to each job application—saving time and showcasing your qualifications, all completely free. With a few simple inputs, generate professional cover letters customized for any opportunity.  Give it a try, and when you are ready apply for jobs at

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